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OSHA estimates that in the United States over 5 million workplaces and nearly 43 million employees with potential exposure to hazardous chemicals will be affected by GHS.

No matter where you are in the process of complying with GHS, Summit can help you meet compliance deadlines. The first effective completion date is December 1, 2013… Get ready with Summit.

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5 implementation tips from Summit that will help you to get ready for the new GHS at your workplace: 

  1. Create a “switch-over” plan to help you transition your current Hazard Communication Standard to comply with the new GHS.
  2. Perform a chemical inventory of the materials located in your facility and catalog how much of the material already exists.
  3. Acquire, update, and manage new and incoming Safety Data Sheets that have been revised, rewritten, and republished to comply with new GHS regulations and hazard communication standard.
  4. All employers are responsible for updating workplace labels to include a harmonized signal word, pictogram, and hazard statement for each hazard class and category, as well as precautionary statements.
  5. Employers are required to train workers by December 1, 2013 on the new labels elements and safety data sheets format to facilitate recognition and understanding.


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