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PPE Lessons Learned: One Time Is All It Takes

This course illustrates the importance of always using the appropriate personal protective equipment by following the story of Carl, a worker who learned the hard way why the correct selection and use of PPE matters every day on the job. This motivational course helps build awareness and inspires workers to create good PPE habits. Topics include:

  • The employee’s role in PPE effectiveness
  • The potential consequences of not using PPE
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Preventing Hand Injuries

Hand injuries on the job can happen for many different reasons and the results of those injuries can be life-changing. In less than a second hands can be cut, crushed, burned or even worse. By following good safety practices, hand injuries can be prevented. This program presents information on:

  • How hands get injured
  • What workers can do to prevent injuries including common injuries
  • The hazards to look out for on the job
  • Safe practices workers need to take to protect their hands
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Electrical Safety: What Everyone Should Know

For everyone who works with electrically powered tools, equipment and appliances, and presents what everyone should know to stay safe. This program will present information on:

  • How electricity works
  • What it can do to the human body
  • How to use electricity safety
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Powered Pallet Jack Safety

Addresses use and operation of powered pallet jacks, including:

  • Introduction to Powered Pallet Jacks
  • Inspection
  • Safe Operation
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